Commercial Auto Physical Damage

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London has always been a good market for this Class of Business, ranging from the owner operator with a single unit up to the largest fleets.

We currently maintain two Lloyd's facilities enabling us to consider limits of up to:-

    $200,000 any one vehicle or combined unit
    $1,000,000 any one catastrophe

Excess Terminal limits are available, if required.

E-mail applications can be made per the enclosed format but Underwriters will require all the information set out in the sample Proposal Forms enclosed, together with M.V.R.'s for all drivers within 30 days of binding.

Deductibles vary but as a minimum Underwriters normally require $1,000 each and every loss/each and every vehicle all perils. Other deductible options may be offered, including deductible buy-backs and aggregate deductible programmes.

Wordings are based on either the Lloyd's N.M.A. 1650 or the Commercial Automobile Damage BRIT Form (USA) (2007/01), samples of which are enclosed. N.B. we can also consider combined APD & MTC risks (see Motor Truck Cargo)

In addition to our facilities we have a strong potential for pure Open Market placements on high valued units i.e. Buses, Fire Engines etc. These should be submitted with a fully completed Proposal Form, M.V.R.'s, and justification of value.

Please note that Underwriters reserve the right to amend the terms upon receipt of M.V.R.'s if they are unsatisfactory.  (This may include increased deductible whilst units operated by certain individuals, exclusion of drivers and, of course, cancellation of the policy).

Physical Damage on trailers in the Insured’s care, custody and/or control (Trailer Interchange Coverage) can also be considered.


NOTE: We have also placed facilities for more 'exotic' coverages such as contingent auto liability, contingent cargo liability, non-trucking liability and freight forwarders contingent coverages, which may be available to you via International Risk Placement Inc. For more information and contact details, please refer to IRPI's website at

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