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London continues to be very receptive to this class and we have maintained office facilities for a number of years, always with good results.

The London forms are enclosed as well as the usual endorsements and the proposal form that will be necessary. The wordings are different from the standard I.S.O., for example the London form DOL perils correspond to Specified Causes of Loss and Collision only and private use of dealership cars is not automatically included. (However, coverage for Furnished Cars may be added by endorsement).

We are looking at all of the usual types of dealerships from used car "beaters" to high value exotics/foreign etc. Consigned auto coverage can be included under the DOL form.

GKLL obviously can be written for the same dealership or as a separate coverage on its own. Types of coverage include; repair shops, mechanical and body work, detailing operations (on or off premises), car washes, refitting or customising operations, parking operations, self-park or valet parking, storage situations including repossessions and auctions, towing or wrecker operations and drive away exposures such as relocating rental units for car/truck rental services, mobile home toters and more.

A completed proposal form will be required, but we can approach the market for terms with a completed questionnaire (attached).


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