For HK, Brokerage means any business that we handle on a transactional basis for our Clients, outside of any Binding Authority arrangements we may have placed on their behalf.

While many of our, core, Binding Authority clients submit brokerage business to us, we also have a number of pure Brokerage clients where we have no binding authority relationship.

We have found that submitting business in this fashion can be a great way of building up a meaningful volume of business as well as an understanding with Underwriters. In the right circumstances, this is a great stepping stone to the establishment of new binding authority relationships.

We handle business submitted to us in a number of different ways……

‘In-House’ Binding Authorities – HK is fortunate to hold binding authority on behalf of several insurers, for a variety of classes of business;

Lineslips and Limited Binding Authorities – These are our own facilities that enable us to provide a quick and efficient service to our clients by virtue of a pre-established market for certain classes of business.

Open Market – Tends to be used for the larger and/or more unusual risks that fall outside of our own facilities. This is where our brokers really get through their shoe leather… give us as much lead time as you can!

New Clients
We are always interested in speaking with potential new clients.
At the same time we are sensitive to any potential territorial and/or business clash with our existing client base.
Please contact us for an agency questionnaire info@harmankemp.com

Classes of Business

Click the links below to learn more about our capabilities in respect of individual classes of business and to download application forms and policy wordings.