Commercial Property

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Classes of Business

We can entertain all manner of commercial property risks including, habitational, mercantile, manufacturing and retail, across the U.S.A.

We can obtain terms for a variety of different perils… All Risks, Named Perils, Difference in Condition Perils, Primary, Excess and Multi Layered accounts.

If you are unsure whether we would consider an account due to its class, size, location, or loss history, why not send it to us for consideration?


To be successful in gaining new business, we believe that service is of the utmost importance. Not just in gaining the initial terms from underwriters but also with any and all documentation that may arise following the successful receipt of an order.

We aim to respond to every submission within twenty four hours.
The quality of information we receive (including, where possible, any target terms) with an initial enquiry, determines our ability to respond to you with more complete terms in a timely fashion. Please help us to deliver to you, a service that is second to none.

We will generally be able to work with a completed ACORD application form however certain classes of business require more specific underwriting considerations. Please check our list of applications to ensure that you supply us with the information we need to provide you with terms.

Harman Kemp has a number of ways that it can place its brokerage business:

Binding Authorities: We have ‘in-house’ authority, entrusted by certain Lloyd’s underwriters, to consider business on their behalf for limits of over US$3,000,000.

Additional Facilities: HK also has a number of facilities which can be utilised alongside its binding authorities, which substantially increases the total limit / values that can be considered to over US$8,000,000

Open Market: Our brokers have relationships with key open market underwriters which enables us to consider risks of a nature more ‘unique’ in terms of their location, exposure and risk size.

Depending on the nature of the account, we will discuss each risk with more than one particular market to ensure that we are able to gain the most competitive terms available.

Wordings, Forms and Clauses

For standard property perils, we tend to use ISO wordings (such as the special form, broad form or basic form).

For other perils, such as Earthquake, Flood or Monoline Wind/Hail coverage, London forms tend to be used.

If a risk is slightly more ‘unusual’, individual wordings can be tailored to suit the individual risk.

We will specify all relevant wordings/forms/clauses/conditions etc with every firm quote.
Check out our list of wordings and endorsements. It contains those forms most commonly used however, if you need a copy of a form not on the list, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Classes of Business

Click the links below to learn more about our capabilities in respect of individual classes of business and to download application forms and policy wordings.