Homeowners and Dwelling Insurance

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We have excellent markets in Lloyd’s for homeowners, usually HO 3 Form and dwellings, DP 3, particularly for higher valued homes.

Most types of construction, even unusual ones are considered.

In order to offer terms we can work with information provided by most domestic applications but most usually an Acord application is provided.

We are pleased to be able to offer terms for Primary, owner occupied dwellings, seasonal or secondary homes, tenanted dwellings, those under renovation or in course of construction and vacant properties, located anywhere in the 50 States.

Rating centers on a number of factors, including:

  • Type of construction;
  • When built and updated;
  • Public Protection Classification (for those risks in PC 9 or 10 a supplementary questionnaire is requested);
  • Private protections such as fire and burglar alarms;
  • Location of the property:
  • Loss record of the applicant and property.

Natural perils, such as wind, brush, earthquake, flood and so on will be significant in rating.

Our markets are not tied to specific limits for Other Structures, Personal Property, Loss of Use/Additional Living Expense or Fair Rental Value. There may be special reasons for having either higher or lower values insured than the traditional 10%; 50%; 20% offered by most standard companies.

Scheduled personal property of most kinds may be added so we are pleased to consider these requirements.

Most forms contain a replacement cost basis of loss settlement and have an 80% coinsurance.

However, our terms will expect the sum insured to be based on the full replacement cost value of the home. This is usually verified by a valuation performed subsequent to inception of a policy.

GEORGE FRANKLIN: gfranklin@harmankemp.com

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